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2016 Ross County Performance Dashboard

Last year, for the first time, we shared with you a Ross County Performance Dashboard, offering numerical insight into the question “how are we doing?” as a community and as a local economy.  Five years ago we began to collect these statistics for internal purposes at the suggestion of a consultant.  Now with a five-year history, we think you’ll find this data of interest. 

The Benchmark statistics we selected to track are a mix of demographic and economic indicators.  We won’t attempt to interpret or “spin” these numbers – they speak for themselves.  We chose them because they are meaningful, objective, publicly accessible, and available on a consistent annual basis.

Keep in mind that data such as annual population estimates, household income, annual average employment numbers and resulting unemployment rates are based on statistical samples and mathematical models.  But the methodologies are consistent over time, providing valid year-on-year trend comparisons.

We invite your comments and questions.

Download the 2016 Ross County Performance Dashboard


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The Economic Development Alliance of Southern Ohio was founded in 2005 by the City of Chillicothe, Ross County Commissioners, Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce and Ross County Community Improvement Corporation.  It is a not-for-profit corporation organized as a private-public partnership to provide economic development services to companies and communities in Ross County.  Additionally, the Alliance markets the region nationally and internationally in partnership with Jackson, Pike and Scioto Counties through the Joint Economic Development Initiative of Southern Ohio.


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